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In addition to processing substrates manufactured by others, we produce a wide variety of converted grades including: 

  • Pasted Chip
  • Pasted White One-side
  • Pasted White Two-side
  • Round Cut Corners – radius per your specification
  • Angle Cut Corners – length per your specification
  • Guillotine Trimming
  • Sheeting of Rolls
  • High Accuracy Rotary Slitting and Cutting
  • Combining and Sheeting of Rolls
  • Roll to Roll Combining
  • Sheet Lining


We offer the following products:

Plain Chip, Bending Chip, Mounting Chip, Solid Black Chip, Pasted Chip, 1 Side Stained Chip, Solid Stained Chip, White 1 Side and 2 Side

We offer the following grades:

  • Chip (plain, bending, solid black, pasted, and stained)
  • One-side Book Lined Chip
  • Rough News
  • White Vat Lined Board (One-side and Two-side)
  • Binders Board
  • CCNB
  • SBS Coated (One-side and Two-side)
  • One-side Book, litho, kraft, black, and other colors, mylar and other substrates lined on chip

Sheeting Specifications Include:

We can accommodate any OD and any core size:

  • Widest – 70″
  • Narrowest – 10″
  • Shortest – 20″
  • Longest – 65″
  • Max trim 6″ per side for board
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We operate a state of the art 30,000 square foot warehouse with the ability to hold more than 5,000 tons of paperboard. We also operate a packaging line processing more than 100,000 pallets annually. Every pallet we produce is weighed and each sheet is counted.