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In addition to the converting of substrates manufactured by others, Newman & Company can perform a wide variety of converting services including: 

  • Pasted Chip
  • Pasted White One-side
  • Pasted White Two-side
  • Round Cut Corners – radius per your specification
  • Angle Cut Corners – length per your specification
  • Guillotine Trimming
  • Sheeting of Rolls
  • High Accuracy Rotary Slitting and Cutting
  • Combining and Sheeting of Rolls
  • Roll to Roll Combining
  • Sheet Lining


We offer the following products:

Plain Chip, Bending Chip, Mounting Chip, Solid Black Chip, Pasted Chip, 1/2 Stained Chip, Solid Stained Chip, White 1/2 Side and 2/Side

We offer the following grades:

  • Chip (plain, bending, solid black, pasted, and stained)
  • One-side Book Lined Chip
  • Rough News
  • White Vat Lined Board (One-side and Two-side)
  • Binders Board
  • CCNB
  • SBS Coated (One-side and Two-side)
  • One-side Book, litho, kraft, black, and other colors, mylar and other substrates lined on chip

Sheeting Specifications Include:

We can accommodate any OD and any core size:

  • Widest – 70″
  • Narrowest – 10″
  • Shortest – 20″
  • Longest – 65″
  • Max trim 6″ per side for board
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In 2003, Newman opened a state of the art 30,000 square foot warehouse with the ability to hold more than 5000 tons of paperboard. A year later our automated packaging line became operational. By implementing the latest warehousing technologies, we are able to process, package, store, and ship more than 100,000 skids annually. At Newman, we recognize the dynamic nature of paperboard manufacturing. Every skid we produce is weighed and the pieces are counted using an optical scanner capable of determining the total number of pieces on a skid to within 1%.

Laminator Specifications include:

We can laminate up to three plies from rolls.

  • 60″ Width Maximum
  • 26″ Width Minimum
  • 78″ Length Maximum
  • 26″ Length Minimum